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We’ve set up this page (and a billboard in our office) to help match hunters with lease owners.

At the BOTTOM of this page leave the following info:

1. Lease you want or have available (acres, time period, etc.)
2. Your Name
3. A contact phone number
4. Contact Email

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Dane Desonier
4 days ago

I am looking for a place for a small group of hunters to primarily archery hunt. We are all experienced hunters and also gun hunt but rather archery hunt if we can. We are from Louisiana and trips will be limited. We can also do land clearing and clean up. My name is Dane Desonier and my contact is 337-912-5252

12 days ago

Looking for Axis Deer and turkey lease for individual hunter

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1 month ago

Looking for a deer lease for 2 guns in and around mason area for myself and my son or joining with someone lease thanks please call me at +19792997759

Caden Moore
1 month ago

Two Aggies looking for a whitetail lease for this upcoming season. We are management minded and are all ears. Shoot me an email if you have an opportunity, thanks.

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Kristina Bierschwale
1 month ago

Lease available for 2023 deer rifle season. 315 acres several miles outside Mason. Lightly hunted for 6 seasons under our ownership.  4 Atascosa Blinds, 4 MB Ranch King Feeders. Water and electric available. Call for more information. 210-415-1190

Michael Lane
1 month ago

Group of conservation-minded hunters looking for duck hunting opportunities in Hamilton County (and surrounding counties such as Coryell, Comanche, Mills, Bosque, Lampasas, Bell, McLennan). Currently on a lease in Hamilton County with some water, but looking to avoid overhunting our pair of tanks we currently hunt by spreading around pressure throughout season. We are respectful of others’ land and do not seek a place that we can camp at; instead, we’d be looking to hunt one or more lakes, ponds, wetlands, etc. a few times throughout the season without applying too much pressure. Thank you for your consideration and please reach out to discuss what you have to offer and pricing.

-Mike (281-750-2331)

Keith smith
1 month ago

Looking for deer lease in mason or menard tx areas would like a cabin or for sure water and electricity for 3-4 hunters all mid age hunters will feed protein feed and corn all year round and managed the deer heard . Also help with maintenance of property no trash burning , we would work with land owner or owners to do maintain the property , thank u keith smith 979-830-5882

Gavin Ritch
2 months ago

Group of 3 or more looking for year-round lease in Mason or surrounding area. Management minded and can provide references. -Gavin 936-232-0408

2 months ago

is this still available?

Kevin Pierce
Reply to  chris pena
1 month ago

No we are full for this season

Ryan Brock
2 months ago

Experienced, management minded, firefighters looking for a deer lease in Mason/Llano area. I am looking for a lease with 1-3 openings. I am not a “if it’s brown it’s down hunter”. I am interested in managing and improving the deer herd. If you have an opening or know of any opening in the area then I would really appreciate it if you could give me a call! Thank you all. -Ryan Brock, 281-705-0284

Ernie Garza
2 months ago

I looking for a Deer /hog lease for myself and 2 sons. We are all mature and resposible hunters

Dennis sohns
2 months ago

2 mature experienced senior hunters looking for long term seasonal hunting lease. We will feed and help improve the deer herd and turkey gang. We need electricity and Water. We can add hunters to fill a small lease if needed.
Thank you for your consideration

Dennis sohns
Reply to  Dennis sohns
2 months ago

Found a lease in mason, thanks mason feed store!

Michael L Briant
3 months ago

Looking for a cattle grass lease 300 to 500 acres

Dennis Sohns
3 months ago

2 mature experienced senior hunters looking for long term seasonal hunting lease. We will feed and help improve the deer herd and turkey gang. We need electricity and Water. We can add hunters to fill a small lease if needed.
Thank you for your consideration.

Dennis sohns
Reply to  Dennis Sohns
3 months ago

Sorry we missed the opportunity to join your lease. Happy hunting

4 months ago

Individual looking to join good group with an opening on deer lease with long term arrangement with landowner. References available if needed
Call or text at 512 744-5185

4 months ago

Looking for a deer lease in mason and surrounding areas for 2023 season for a
Family friendly for 3- 4 hunters thanks David call me at +19792997759

Kenneth Deboard
4 months ago

Looking for a lease for 3 hunters in or around Mason or Menard. Year round , would like to have water and electric. Please call or text if you can Thank You , Kenny 979-820-0754

Joseph Eric Pfister

Kenneth Deboard
4 months ago

Looking for a lease for 3 hunters in or around Mason or Menard. Year round , would like to have water and electric. Please call or text if you can Thank You , Kenny

Joseph Eric Pfister
4 months ago

Lease wanted in San Saba area. Dad and 3 grown sons. Bow hunting mainly but rifle also. All experienced hunters. Water and Elec nice but not a must.

Courtney Whitacre
4 months ago

Need a corporate dear lease-year round, over 1000 acres in the hill country. Needs lodging with electric and water, please call 972-741-1745

Wes Salyers
5 months ago

Have 5 guys looking for a lease in the general area of Mason county for this upcoming deer season 2023-2024. Grew up hunting mason as a kid and would like to be back in that general area hunting. Would like the place to have a cabin and running water. Pretty open to price and accommodations. Thank you
Wes Salyers 832-477-0017

stephen d kelley
5 months ago

looking for a year round season lease for my son and i. we have hunted Sonora for many years. will feed all partying. would like camping if available but no a have to, gun hunters only. 903 238 6655 stephen kelley

Keith smith
5 months ago

I’m looking for a long term yearly deer lease for a group of 4 perfer camp house or atleast eletric and water 200-500 will do will feed protien and corn all year round and take care of others that’s needed to be done perfer a place near mason or menard areas thank u keith smith 979-830-5882

Aaron Graham
6 months ago

Looking for a lease for 2023-2024 deer season. Group of 4 all management minded and can add more if necessary. Looking for a long term lease, with family access. Will protein feed all off season.

6 months ago

Looking for a deer lease for 2023 for my wife and I. I will throw in a guided bay fishing trip in Surfside TX for the lease that I can sign up with. I have Hunted MasonHarper/ Junction areas all my life. Management minded and non drinker. I mainly bow hunt.
Capt. Scott Wallace 504-494-6897

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Joshua Ruemke
6 months ago

Group of six management minded hunters, have hunted in Mason for around 12 years now. Looking for a long term lease that is family friendly. Most of the group have hunted together for over 20 years. We feed protein year around and have at least one cotton seed station going year around. 979-451-5088

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Marty Kuehn
6 months ago

Small group of family hunters looking for a lease in or close to Mason. Very management minded and looking to grow quality deer and establish a long term relationship. We keep our place clean and respect the land we hunt. We don’t get rowdy or drunk nor care to be around it. Out of Magnolia, Tx. Willing to join a group that hunts the same way.
281-935-4610. Marty

Brian Turner
6 months ago

Looking for annual lease for 2 hunters. We are out of Lago Vista area. Looking for something family friendly so our 2 young ones can begin being involved and learning about respectful hunting.

Tracy Muller
6 months ago

Looking for a hunting lease would like a year around but would settle for a place where I can come out put meat in my freezer for the year. I am from Fort Worth area.

Brent Johnson
6 months ago

Three guys looking for a year around lease. We are in our 40s and pretty easy going. Looking for a place for our small families to come. I’m from Bandera and my buddies are from San Antonio and corpus. Thanks.

7 months ago

Need small lease single hunter
Or join one with other hunters
Or just need a good week hunt work a lot and time is limited thank yall for your effort

Mike Boren
7 months ago

Looking for a lease for me, my son and my dad. Would prefer to have a property that we have the whole place to ourselves. If you have something, even this late in the year, please reach out. Would need power, water and shelter as we don’t have an RV. Recently lost our place of 14 years due to the landowner passing away. Looking for a long term place that we can manage. 346.436.2524

Lucas McCaleb
7 months ago

Hi y’all. Been looking for a deer lease to get on in the Mason/Llano area for my father and I. Been hunting in mason since 1999 and are very familiar with the area and love it. We are very responsible, ethical, and fun hunters. Would love an opportunity in the area for a lease. Contact me at 512-400-5336.

Melvin Whitmire
7 months ago

Looking for a small long term family lease. We have been hunting all of our lives. It will be Myself, my son, my son in law and my son in laws father. We do not drink or carouse. We are church folk but love to camp and hunt. May not get to hunt a whole lot because we live in East Texas. Would like to have a place that we can put time into and make it long term.

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Gwen McLaren
8 months ago

Been a “hunting family” since marrying “my hunter” in 1982. Lost our family lease last year to “selling the ranch” Looking for a long term family lease where my now 3 year old granddaughter can experience “deer lease life” like her daddy did. Any leads are appreciated.

Carter Bennington
8 months ago

Currently have a small lease in between Fredricksburg and comfort but I am looking for something bigger as it is only 70-80 acres, thanks!

Jimmy Broussard
Reply to  Carter Bennington
3 months ago

Family members 4099601968 thankyou

Jimmy Torres
8 months ago

Looking for a family deer lease. Only myself and son hunt, but want to bring my 3 daughters and wife….

Shane Spry
8 months ago

Looking for deer lease in central or south Texas.

rudy castaneda
8 months ago

looking for a good family lease. We are all Houston police officers and have no problems following rules. thanks 832-259-6176

9 months ago


  1. Duck Lease. Brazoria Co.
  2. 200 Ac. 5 Spots. Gillespie Co.
  3. 640 Ac. Collingsworth Co.
  4. 2,750 Ac. Starr Co. 3 Spots
  5. Dove Lease. Waller Co. 2 Ponds.
  6. 150 Ac. Austin Co. Dove Lease
  7. Duck Lease. Austin Co. $1,500 Per Member
  8. Deer Lease. 133 Ac. San Saba Co.
  9. Deer Lease. 35 Ac. Guadalupe Co. Near Seguin
  10. Kimble Co. Deer Lease. 4 Spots Open
  11. 37 Ac. Dove Lease. Medina Co.
  12. 800 Ac. Deer Lease. Childress Co.
  13. 200 Ac. Gillespie Co. Day Hunts. Exotics & Whitetail
  14. 5 Spots. Kimble Co. 450 Ac.
  15. Corp. Dove Lease. 60 Spots. 400 Ac. Galveston Co.
  16. Duck Lease. Galveston Co. 2 Spots

4 NEW LEASES ADDED: September 4th, 2022

  1. 4,600 Ac. Zapata Co. MLDP.
  2. Reagan Co. 6,776 Ac. Small Group Preferred.
  3. Year Round Lease. Montague Co. 4 Spots
  4. 320 Ac. Gray Co.

Get additional information here :

Michael Flood
9 months ago

Looking for a day deer lease for family to come hunt 9033995107 can text or call with info

allen cameron
9 months ago

looking for a small tract for father and two sons
allen 512 796 9643
a place to go and spend time outdoors, can be<100acres

Bryan Johnson
9 months ago

4 family group looking for a 2022-2023 annual lease. 2 families with 2 kiddos each and 2 sets of grandparents. (6 adults, 4 kids). Not everyone needs to be a gun/hunter and we are open to options. We are management and long-term-minded hunters who will always leave the place better than we found it. We lost our lease in West Texas this year due to a change in ownership. We had been on the previous place for over 10 years with no issues, but time to make a change. Mostly looking for a place to get out of town and share the hunting/outdoor experience with our family and kids.

If a larger group is needed for a larger place, we do have some other great families that could join us who are also looking.

derek landre
10 months ago

Now booking two weekend hunts for this coming season. Each weekend can have up to two hunters for a doe/spike and hog hunt. Youth weekend is also available for a great chance to have your little ones enjoy hunting before the regular season. Lodging and meals are provided and non hunters are welcome if there is space available. Please email for more information.

David Pilcik
10 months ago

Hello Looking for deer lease for myself and my son and grandson lost lease due to ranch selling . Please call 979-299-7759

Alex Chapman
10 months ago

Looking for year long deer lease for small group family freindly 512 937 9898

Steven Pillow
10 months ago

Steven Pillow

I’m looking for a year round deer lease
I will even take something small

Luke Wilson
11 months ago

Im looking for a small acreage lease where I could hunt deer/hogs/birds Sept into March
My cell is 317.833.2482

Dewaine Clay
11 months ago
Season Deer Lease, Located in SE Kimble County. Seeking a small group of 6-8 
management minded hunters for 1900 acre lease. Additional game of Rio Grande 
Turkey, hogs hunted on high-valley pastures. Accommodations include a 3-bedrrom 
cabin with a fully-equipped kitchen, fireplace, water and electricity; other 
amenities are within a short driving distance Protein/corn feeders and a few old 
blinds are currently in place for hunter usage. $40,000 lease fee- plus your 
feed and electricity. 325-215-3070-- Clay Ranch 
Terry Wuestney
1 year ago

Good day,
Looking for a lease for my daughter and myself within a couple of hours of San Antonio. Open to a season or annual lease for whitetail and hogs. My daughter and I have hunted together for Nine years now and would like to continue that bond for long term. We are management hunters and very respectful of the rules of the owner.
Thank you in advance!

Reply to  Terry Wuestney
7 months ago

Call me! Thanks 512-663-3417

Charles Bebee
1 year ago

Looking for a day lease for a hunt to put meat in freezer. Nothing fancy, no trophy hunts.

Reacheal Bauman
Reply to  Charles Bebee
10 months ago

We will have something available this fall. 830-285-3121 or email

Harvey Oyler
1 year ago

4 family members lost our lease in Junction. Looking for lease 250-500 acres or part of a larger group lease. We have feeders, blinds, camper. We are a very mature and responsible group.

sam denny or stoney felder
1 year ago

sir we have hunted mason texas for over 34 years on harvey zesch’s property he doesn’t own the property but his daughter pam does now and kicked us off we are interested please give us a call either sam at 936-244-2182 or stoney at 832-477-4297 we are strictly archery and we feed all year round please reach out at your earliest convenience p.s. we will be up there this weekend

Keith smith
1 year ago

Hi I’m looking for a seasonal deer lease for myself and son and possibly couple more guys with sons mainly 3-4 of us will like to maintain and feed the deers corn and hi protien all year round and manage the deer herd will work with land owner has of taking care of place and following rules has if the place was mine . We have deer blind and feeders we’ve been lifetime hunting TPWD members we had a place in south Tx for years but got sold to an oil and gas company so we moved out couldn’t tolerate the oilfield activity all the time . Just looking for a nice size reasonable place to maintain and hunt . Thank u keith smith 979-830-5882 Thank u god bless America

1 year ago

Looking for a long term annual deer lease in Mason or surrounding counties. Looking 1500+ acres, and have a small family group looking to have a place to ourselves. We will have minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 people who are all family. This group is experienced in managing deer herds, and all have hunted many years from Laredo up to Concho county. We enjoy letting deer grow up, and trying to grow bigger deer. We are looking for someone who wants a tight knit group, with no drama, and no headache of worrying about if your property is being taken care of. Must be family friendly! We are wanting a long term place to raise kids/grandkids on. Water and electricity is also a must, lodging is even better!

Dylan 409-659-3611

Kevin Jones
1 year ago

Looking for hunting lease for 2-4 members. Grandfathers looking for hunting opportunity for grandkids. 300-1000 acres. Call Kevin 936-554-4672

Jake Thomas
1 year ago

Looking for an annual lease for a family of 4, (10 & 4 Yr old Boy and Husband and Wife). Have a camper, just need electric/water/sewer hooks ups. Parents are experienced and mindful hunters. Just looking for a place to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors.

Prefer Mason, Llano and McCulloch Counties. Coming from Liberty Hill.

Jake 512.713.4118

Could possibly put together a family group of more hunters if spots available.

1 year ago

Looking for deer lease for 2-4 mangement minded hunters . With water and electricity for campers or hunting cabin . Also family friendly Please call David at 979-299-7759 thanks and blessed day.

Robert Sweitzer
1 year ago

Looking for 1-4 spots on family friendly deer lease. Deer turkey hog lease 3 adult hunters. we have blinds and campers. Management minded a plus 281-797-7794

1 year ago

Looking for one spot on good deer lease. If you’re looking for a mature experienced hunter that gets along with everyone, follows rules, and helps out fellow hunters I’m your man. Call or text me 512 744-5185.

William R Hoke
1 year ago

We have 1250 acres between Mason and Junction . We also have a camp house with water and electricity ! Looking for a husband and wife team that lives within 3 hours of Mason ! Wife can have her own spot or shoot off of husbands allotted amount of game ! We have tons of whitetail, turkey, hogs and some exotics but a lot of them died off during the freeze last Feb. Adult hunters only ! Call for more information ! By the way, we have a gorgeous mountain with canyons and valleys running down thru the middle ! Beautiful creek that runs thru the entire property. Year around ! $2500.00 per gun! Will respond to phone calls ONLY ! 512-663-3417

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David Pilcik
1 year ago

Looking for a deer lease in and around mason and surrounding area for 2or 3 mature hunters with wives family friendly to relax . Experienced hunters wanting family friendly lease to spend time with grand children and teach hunting heritage please call me at +19792997759 thanks David have a blessed day

Jeff gann
1 year ago

Two couples with children looking for a lease. We have a combined budget of $14000.00 plus yearly utilities. Looking in Mason, Menard, Kimble, LLano, Edwards, Kerr, Kendall, Gillespie, Kendall, Bandera, Real counties

Justin Crayton
1 year ago

Looking for a lease or place to put rv for a year while we build in Pontotoc. Have horses too.

1 year ago

Good evening all. Just throwing this out there.
I’ll likely be losing access to the Mason Co land I was raised on and hunted for the last 33 years. I’m looking to join an existing group or can easily put together a group for a lease. Preferably year round access. In any case, I’d be the best steward to your land you’ll ever find. I treated and loved the land I grew up on as if it were my own and would do the same for you.
What’s out there?

stephen d kelley
1 year ago

need a small father son season lease for hunting. no parties, just hunting. 9032386655

1 year ago

Looking for about 100 to 150 acres for 4 to 6 grownups with kids prefer place to park 2 maybe 3 travel trailers hookups bonus like to be around 1500 to 2000 per grownup year round lease

Wayne Kuehler
1 year ago

Group of experienced hunters Looking for a hunting lease. Willing to pay 3500 for the right property. We can provide landowner references upon request. 956-622-0066

Kevin Mott
1 year ago

Looking for 800 – 1500 acres with a cabin/house. Annual lease. 6-10 hunters. Management minded hunters looking for long term seasonal lease. 409-344-1200 Leave message

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Michael Murphey Jr.
1 year ago

Hello, family of 3 hunters who understand and practice deer management would love to join a lease or lease out a smaller place. Please give me a call anytime as we would be honored to hunt in this area.
Michael Murphey 832-977-2417

David Pilcik
1 year ago

Looking for a deer lease in or around mason county for two or three hunters or join existing group that is family friendly please call me at 979-299-7759 anytime thanks and have a blessed day

Robert Gutierrez
1 year ago

Looking for a deer lease for me and my son.would like a yearly deer lease. Im a non drinker and smoker , just want something so i can spend time with my song looking for small property
Cell 832-527-2912

Cutter Brewer
1 year ago

Looking for family lease near Fredericksburg. Prefer RV hookups and guests allowed. Can bring 3-5 hunter families with me for the right place. Have kids need a place for memories.

Andrew Fraser
1 year ago

Hello, 2 management minded hunters looking for an annual hunting lease. We’re looking for a minimum 200 acres with a well managed deer population. We’re responsible hunters and have helped grow deer populations through MDL practices over the past several years. Willing to pay $10,000 total for the right lease with available water/electricity. Please contact Andy Fraser 843-384-3431

Faith Pendleton
1 year ago

Hi! Looking for a deer lease for a single hunter preferably 500 acres or more. Price range is 2,500 to 4,000 for the 2022-2023 season. Looking for a long term relationship and we would like to feed year around with feeding protein during the summer months. Please call Faith Pendleton at 512-781-4920 if you are someone you know has land available and would consider leasing.

Robert Denison
1 year ago

Looking for a deer lease for a single group family of 8 hunters preferably 2,000 acres or more. Price range is 2,500 to 4,000 per gun for the 2022-2023 season. Looking for a long term relationship and we would like to feed year around with feeding protein during the summer months. Please call Robert Denison at 337-526-9224 if you are someone you know has land available and would consider leasing. Thank so much!

Robert Denison 337-526-9224

Keith B Smith
1 year ago

I’m interested and looking for a deer hunting year round lease for 3-4 of us looking at 100-500 acres we would like to feed protein and corn year round and manage the deer herd and we would do a 1-1 ratio to maintain the deer herd will maintain and take care of property has if it was my own would perfer Eletric and water but will work with owner to what ever needs done to have water or Eletric will furnish our deer feeders and deer blinds we would like in the mason or menard tx areas , will be willing to pay $1000-1500 or so a gun depending on what’s included on the lease we are very responsible group of guys we have our own business so our time would be flexible to meet owner or owners to look at a place and go over things on the place and lease .if place is bigger then what wer looking for we would work in another hunter or pay extra to have the lease but trying to stay minimal on size . Thank u my cell phone number is 979-830-5882 my email is

charles rigby
1 year ago

looking for a seasonal or annual lease for 3 people ….charles 6822157280

Les howard
1 year ago

Looking for a small acreage hunting lease with access year round. Primitive camping would be fine. Small game and 1-2 deer yearly. Must be quiet and not pressured. Only myself or one guest. 361-688-1944

Weston Salyers
1 year ago

Have 6-8 hunters looking for a long term lease. Management minded, would like a cabin with water and electricity. We’re pretty simple, understand rules if any. Have hunted all our lives and would like to be in the mason Menard Brady area. Thank you Wes Salyers

Weston Salyers
1 year ago

Have 6-8 hunters looking for a long term lease. Management minded, would like a cabin with water and electricity. We’re pretty simple, understand rules if any. Have hunted all our lives and would like to be in the mason Menard Brady area. Thank you Wes Salyers

Larry Harper
1 year ago

Looking for a year round hunting lease for 6 management minded hunters,800 and up acres preferred. Would like to have electricity and water at camp area for travel trailers. Please contact me with details of your property. Thank You
Larry Harper
Mobile Tech RV Service
903-920-2282 cell #
fax 903-561-0330
Office: 903-253-5233

Noel lara
1 year ago

Looking for a year round lease preferably 400-1000 acres for 4-5 hunters (All family members with kids). If it has a camp house or some type of sleeping quarters is definitely a plus. We are experience hunters so we can continue managing if you have a program in place.

Noel Lara
8325865745 call or text

1 year ago

Looking for a new lease. Likes to find a place for 4-6 management minded hunters. Let me know if you have anything available. Thanks.

James Hall
1 year ago

Starting early, I’m looking for a new lease. Please keep me in mind if you have some openings. Id like to find a place for my wife and I whether it be a small place for us or joining an existing place with like minded hunters. My wife is my hunting partner so I’d like to buy her a spot as well, if that’s not possible due to budget I’d like a spot where she can come and shoot off my tags. I am management minded and don’t need to shoot a trophy every year, I’m not looking to join a place where if it’s brown it’s down. If it’s kids first deer and they’re happy then hell yeah party time, ill congratulate you and help you clean it. Opportunity at axis is a huge plus. I don’t need a cabin. I’m an avid hunter and feed heavily year round like someone else is paying for it. I do know a few other hunters so I can put a group together if needed (good guys) Some people get funny about women hunters but I can tell you she is a hunter not a whiny crybaby liberal. I am not afraid to work, trim trees etc. I am an honest trustworthy hard working man and would like to keep my kids (5 and 8) involved so kid friendly is a big plus. If anyone knows of anything please contact me at 2107126936 me thanks for looking

Tim Hullender
1 year ago

I’m looking for a small year round lease for me and my 8 yr son.
Any help would be appreciated.

1 year ago

Looking for long term lease for my family (myself, wife and 3 kids). My children are getting to an age where they are able to hunt and would love the opportunity to raise em right. Not picky on size or amenities. Born and raised in Marble Falls so anything within a few hours of here would be great. Management minded

Mobile 210-740-3057

Robert Aguilera
1 year ago

Looking for a year round lease preferably 300-600 acres for 4 hunters. Would love to have a place to take our children and grandchildren to spend time outdoors and make memories. Low fence, native and exotics would be the ultimate, but we are fine with just deer, turkey and hogs also. Huntable ponds for water fowl would be a huge bonus!

Kenneth Deboard
1 year ago

Looking for a Deer Lease long term. We are family oriented and would like to find something for four hunter’s. We are management minded hunters. Would like to find a lease between 200-300 acres.
Kenneth Deboard
#979-820-0754 texting is ok
Leave message if I can’t answer.

John van Gelder
1 year ago

Looking for a long-term lease for 4 hunters. Two are married to each other and the other two have spouses who don’t hunt, but like to enjoy being at the lease. We would like at least 150 acres or more.

John (214) 564-6724

Jeffrey L Meche
1 year ago

Looking for a season or preferably year round deer lease for father and sons
Minimum of 4guns
Jeff meche (337)246-1990

Jeffrey L Meche
1 year ago

Looking for a season or preferably year round deer lease for a father and son’s
Minimum of 4 guns

Tony White
1 year ago

Responsible and handy Husband (43) and Wife (39) team with one 14 yr old son still at home. We have both been long time ethical management minded hunters. We would like to find a new lease that will allow us to bring our grown kids on occasion as guest but ultimately the lease would be for my wife and I.

We come with stands, corn feeders, protein feeders, travel trailer and electric golf carts. My wife strictly gun hunts to where I am versatile gun and bow. We would like some thing long term as we do not like having to move our stuff around. We would like something that has water and electrical available although during the off season the Travel Trailer will more than likely be with us on vacation trips. So should only expect the TT to be on site during the hunting season or prior too.

We are open to joining a group family lease on larger prosperities of like minded individuals. We are also open to leasing small acreage prosperities by ourselves that allow us the freedom to manage the place the way the landowner and I agree too. Small acreage being 90 to 200 acres.

What you will be getting from us in return is a family that loves to be outdoors and spending time with family and friends. We love to cook and relax around camp fires. Neither one of us are drunks and we do not shoot everything that moves. We maintain the properties we are one like it is ours and we do require our older boys to put in work during the off season if they want to come as guest hunters during the season. We use electric golf carts so we dont tear up roads when it is wet and they are quiet.

Please let me know if you have a place available or if we sound like a good fit for your group.

exotics and dove and quail hunting are a bonus within reason.

281-687-5360 prefer text at first due to my work schedule or leave a voice message and I will return the call.

Austin Hill
1 year ago

Looking for a lease for 3 individuals (Veterans and Firefighters in mid 30’s). All management minded longtime hunters that all already have leases in various regions across Texas and are looking to expand on hunting opportunities.

  • Willing to use bow as means of harvest.
  • Willing pay up to $5,000 a year (total for 3 hunters) depending on property size, location and habitat. (Don’t need the money? We are all in our mid 30’s and are willing to trade labor and cost of materials to complete a project’s for you.
  • Willing to help out with work on your property as well.
  • Willing to pay for materials to improve property.
  • Great opportunity for someone looking to improve their property and/or have an extra set of eyes on their property.


We have experience with Wildlife Management Tax Valuations and are willing to put in all of the work, cost and filing for your Wildlife Management Tax Exemption.

Willing to assist landowner in gaining his/hers Wildlife Management Tax Exemption. (Note: This is a 5-year commitment) We will develop the habitat to meet 3 of the following requirements:

A. habitat control
B. erosion control
C. predator control
D. providing supplemental supplies of water
E. providing supplemental supplies of food
F. providing shelters
G. making census counts to determine population.

  • Will assist you in filing with gathering all of the supporting data and completing your TPWD approved management plan form.
  • Will assist you in the filing process with your Appraisal District and all cost associated with filing.

Note: This is a 5 year commitment for ourselves as well as landowner.

We are looking to make an agreement and purchase around February 2022. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you are interested.

Best Regards,

Austin H.

1 year ago

We are a family looking for a family friendly lease for 4-5 hunters. We enjoy the outdoors, camping and being together. We have a camper so that is not an issue.. Please email me at if you are interested in respectful, management minded hunters. Thank you.

Brandon Sturrock
1 year ago

Looking for a family deer lease for 4-6 hunters in the hill country. Hunting and teaching our kids about the outdoors is our passion. We recently lost our lease in Junction do to landowner selling.

Brad Bernshausen
1 year ago

Looking for a long term family deer lease for 4-8 hunters. MASON,LLANO,GILLESPI,KERR,KENDALL,BLANCO,HAYS COUNTIES. I am from Fort Bend County and recently lost my deer lease of 19 years due to expansion of TOLL ROAD coming right through the middle of it. Love the hill country and my family and I would love to lease property for hunting and enjoying ourselves for a long time.

1 year ago

Checking to see if the spot has been filled.

John White
1 year ago

Looking for a year round family lease that allows guests in the Mason, Llano, Brady, San Saba, Brownwood, Lampasas or surrounding area for 2 members for 2022/2023 and hopefully beyond. 5 hours or less from Houston area. Do not want a place that is shot out. We are management minded hunters. We do not only hunt horns and do not “have” to fill every tag we have. We target does and specific culls, management, and trophies each year and take what allows us the perfect opportunities. We are pretty much bow only hunters, but not opposed to a lease with gun rights as well.

Ideal ranch would be multiple thousand acres with a range of 250-500 acres per hunter to join a group. Smaller ranches would be considered. Would like deer, turkey, hogs, varmints, doves and possibly ducks (not a necessity), fishing (possibly), and axis and other exotics would be a bonus.

Not opposed to joining an established group.

We respect the land as if it is ours, mend fences found broken and notify the lease boss or ranch owner, and leave gates as they are found.

Would need RV hookups for water and electric.

We have all the feeders, stands, gear, etc. We feed year round.

We are well aware that we are looking for is not cheap and are hard to find.

Thank you for your time.

John White
(You can contact me by email, phone, text anytime. If I do not answer, please leave a message, I attend a lot of meetings but will return your message, text, or email as soon as possible).

1 year ago

6 guys looking for a year round lease in Mason, Gillespie or surrounding counties.

Michael Lee Sutton
1 year ago

Looking for a Hog and Varmint lease within a 100 miles of Mason for my Dad and I. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

1 year ago

Retiree, looking for a one hunter lease beginning in 2022. I am primarily an archer, but if conditions only allow for rifle hunting, then it is acceptable. Smaller acreage is okay if it has ample deer. I will respect you and your property.

Richard Allen
1 year ago

Two management minded hunters that don’t mid work and spending money for the cause! We’re looking for 2022 deer lease long term! 281-683-1917

Glenn Ray Hudson
1 year ago

Responsible hunter looking for a Deer Lease for 2022 season in the hill country. Would like to have electricity for travel trailer. Would like to bring non hunting wife who enjoys seeing wildlife. Would join an established group in need of hunter. Can find a few responsible hunters if needed. Retired electrician would help electricity or help rancher with light work. Will furnish feeders and blinds.

Keith smith
1 year ago

Hi there , hill country Tx I know it’s deer season but I’m still progressing still looking for a deer lease would like to feed corn and protien feed all year round and manage deer herd I’m 57 yrs old own my own business so it would be convience for me to come and meet the owner r owners would like water and electricity water especially first ‘ would like anywhere from 100-500 acres will work and maintain the property has of roads and fences if needed I’d like something around mason r menard or in hill country area my cell number is +19798305882 and my email is please feel free to call me r email me I’ll get back with u ASAP if I don’t answer . Thank u

1 year ago

Looking for a lease in hill country preferably near fredericksburg area for 8-10 guns that has year around access along with a camp. Looking to get closer than the Ozona lease we’re currently on. 713-859-6384

Glenn Ray Hudson
Reply to  Bill SHERER
1 year ago

Wil you be leaving an opening in Ozona when you leave. I hunted Sonora for years and looking for a lease for 2022 season. Would like to bring non hunting wife. Would like electricity for travel trailer if possible. Electrician by trade, can help install electricity.

1 year ago

Looking for a lease for this season and beyond. Ideally one I can bring my 13yo son with me also would be willing to pay for two spots so my 18yo son could join us. Robert 281-851-5668

Richard (903) 372 - 1167
1 year ago

Searching for a lease for next season (2022 Season). Looking for a place for 3-5 hunters. interested in 75 acres – 500 acres. Grew up hunting the hill country and want a place to take the kids and see deer. Mainly bow hunters but interested in anything. Management-minded and responsible hunters.

Dilan Hebert
1 year ago

Looking for a year round or seasonal lease, for next year and beyond. Management minded, love the mason county hill country, have been hunting the area for past 10 years. Cell: (832) 628-4473

Brian Kinson
1 year ago

Looking for a year round lease for the 2022 season and beyond. Would also be open to having something start now.
1-3 people and open to joining an existing group

Keith smith
1 year ago

Hi I’m still interesting in looking for yearly deer for 3-4 guys wer lifetime members of TPWD LICS holders hunters wer all family minded like to feed protein and corn all year round and would like to help maintain and manage the deer herd , we would work with land owner taking care of place and like To have water and Eletric if possible if all is availability , we would like a place from size 250-400-500 acres if bigger that’s fine . We are hunters and own our own business very responsible guys here we’ve hunted all our life’s just looking for a place to lease yearly and put meat in our freezers and get away for a weekend , we have all needs to put up has of deer blinds and feeders , willing to pay a worrying mount if have all needs has of water Eletric and even if there’s a old camp house on place . Thank u keith smith my cell is 979-830-5882

Michael Beaty
1 year ago

Looking for a lease in Mason or any surrounding counties for 22-23 season. I know it’s early but we recently found out our lease of 10 years is being sold and the 21-22 season will be our last season. Currently it is just myself,my wife but maybe able to fill more spots as well. Looking to keep the price around $2,000 a gun if possible not against small acreage. For contact please text or email if possible as I work nights, I will be in contact ASAP 903-209-5773

2 years ago

Helping You Find Your Next Texas Hunting Lease.

Blane Ramsey
Reply to  Texas Hunting Leases
2 months ago

Looking for a year lease around Mason and surrounding countries all the way to Fredericksburg for 2023/2024. Can text me at (979) 561-7005

2 years ago text 325-347-2187

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